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Lost Fanfiction - Clex

I am actually going to go insane if any kind soul would like to help me out.

I read a Clex fanfiction on Megafanfiction forever ago, called After the Credits Roll and now because Megafanfiction has gone to website heaven so has their fanfictions and if anyone would just let me read  the story again and I would entirely grateful and extremely appreciative of that person.

I'm not sure if it's respectable to give a gift, because I live in the UK and I unfortunately can not draw you something because I make stick men look bad. I also have horrible grammar when it comes to fanfiction writing so I also couldn't write something. What I can do is that I am some one who reads fanfiction and Clex and MR/TW is my all time favorite ship! Smallville lives on and it's just so obvious that Clark and Lex should hurry up and get married and be together happy in love.

The story was written by Henury Jones Jr if that helps

Regards and thank you!!


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