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Answer for question 4543.
How do you do the majority of your shopping -- online or physical stores? If you split your shopping purchases between them, what do you tend to buy most in each location? What's one thing you wish you could order easily online that you can't?
I love shopping and because I get paid weekly, having a shopping addiction is extremely dangerous. Most of my physical shopping is for clothes, shoes and makeup. I love going to stores and checking out the product before I buy because it's going to be something that is going to get a lot of use out of.
My online shopping would be accesories such as Make-up brushes or if I see something that I like in store and I've bought so much already, I'll decide to buy the product later but online; I do this often with my Yankee Candles.
My answer to the third query is odd, because at the current time, anything that I want to buy is already available online, I think it would be better if the online description matched the store product.


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